I like how the actor who played Neff had a ring on his left ring finger. That obviously symbolized that he was married but in the scene where Neff was speaking to Keyes, Keyes said to Neff that he should settle down and get married…… If Neff was not married, why would he have a ring on his left hand ring finger?

Overall I realized that this movie had my attention the whole entire time because of subtle humor it had. The plot was very exciting even though this film was dated a long time ago; the idea was still entriguing. Whenever Barton Keyes came in a scene, i was more interested in him than i was in Neff or Sessle. The energy that Keyes’ actor displayed was so alive and felt like that he was interested in the situation in the film more than he was getting the parts and lines exactly on point, whether he did or not; he still did an amazing job.


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2 Responses to “Double Indemnity”

  1.   coursemedst144 Says:

    You’re right. Maybe Neff put it there to repel women?

  2.   akatanov Says:

    word? well it definitly repelled the crazy woman with her evil plots!! haha

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