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1) MD, no music is played, normal height, camera angled towards putty’s front left side. Buildings on the right side of the camera with the dark scenery considering its night time.
2)CS, no music is played, camera level is below them. Tom and Matt facing Putty. All dressed in tuxedos, standing in the center of camera shot. Tom and Matt have a straight, unhappy look to their faces while Putty has a smile on reaching his hand to shake theirs.
3)MS, no music is played, camera level is shooting straight towards their body but clearly showing their whole face. Tom asks Putty if theres anything to drink and grabs Putty’s right arm and Matt grabs his left and begin to walk to Putty’s door.
4)MS to CS, no music is played, short take. Putty tells the boys he cant let them in but is able to bring out the drink. Tom and Matt get very close to Putty’s face at the same time. Tom has his words for him and Putty’s confused face asks what.

The camera first starts out with a long shot getting Putty and the door man in the shot. Putty exits the building and begins to walk towards the street. As soon as he crosses the street, a black cat runs by him and Putty makes a quick pause and continues walking. This  is where Tom and Matt quickly begin to follow Putty for few seconds and the camera begins to strafe to the right and the level of the camera is still the same; causing the camera to follow Putty, Tom and Matt. After a few seconds, Putty realizes he is being followed so he turns around and was surprised to see Tom and Matt.

Here is a close up where Putty seems to be rather excited and happy and he reaches out his hand for a mature greeting to Tom and Matt. In the shot we have the three men standing in a triangular form where Tom is on the left side, Matt in the center and Putty on the right. After Putty realizes his attempt for a handshake has been denied, Tom’s piercing, straight face begins to interrogate Putty and Putty’s face turned from smile into a serious look like something was wrong. The camera is still in the same position with no music played and Tom’s last question in this cut was “how bout a drink first Putty?” then quickly picks up his left arm and grabbing Putty’s right arm.

As soon as Tom gets a hold of Putty’s right arm, Matt grabs his left arm and all three of them begin to walk leaving Putty in the center. As they are walking Putty to his steps, the camera begins to strafe to the right following the three of them. Tom seems very eager to get inside Putty’s house and Putty agrees that having a drink would be great but simply doesn’t want let them inside his house so instead he offers to bring the drink right out for them.

Tom being the persistant one quickly stops Putty from going up the steps and tells him that he has something to say to him. As Tom tell him he has words for him, Matt, Tom and the camera gets very close to Putty’s face facing up towards Putty’s eyes and we are able to tell that Putty’s facial expression becomes curious and wonders what Tom has to say to him. Putty gazes deep into Tom’s eyes knowing that he is in a lot of trouble.

The camera angles basically make the viewers feel like Tom and Matt. For an example, in the beginning where Tom and Matt are following Putty quietly, the camera also follows Putty quietly considering that there is no music played. This is all about Putty’s reaction, how he looks and what he says and the viewers are supposed to feel like they are about to kill the man just as the idea was for Tom and Matt. Also another example is when the camera was facing up towards Putty’s face when he was standing on the steps; Tom and Matt were also looking up at him so there is obviously a resemblance with the camera with Tom and Matt.

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I like how the actor who played Neff had a ring on his left ring finger. That obviously symbolized that he was married but in the scene where Neff was speaking to Keyes, Keyes said to Neff that he should settle down and get married…… If Neff was not married, why would he have a ring on his left hand ring finger?

Overall I realized that this movie had my attention the whole entire time because of subtle humor it had. The plot was very exciting even though this film was dated a long time ago; the idea was still entriguing. Whenever Barton Keyes came in a scene, i was more interested in him than i was in Neff or Sessle. The energy that Keyes’ actor displayed was so alive and felt like that he was interested in the situation in the film more than he was getting the parts and lines exactly on point, whether he did or not; he still did an amazing job.


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Best Break Up Ever lol 

Patrick Bateman has lost his mind yet again. With a “smooth” break-up, he obviously deserves an award for this…

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